Boutique Tailleur Mark109


« Old-world quality, » Master Tailor workshop Boutique Tailleur Mark 109, moved to Boucherville Street Lionel Daunais, to better serve customers in the South Shore of Montreal.

Creating everything from made-to-measure to high-end ready-to-wear, 20 years of sewing and alteration have established a diverse clientele of prestigious names in the fashion world, but Montrealers also need alteration.

Like you, the great names of fashion come to our workshop, certain that they will find:

  • Alteration specialists capable of fine adjustments
  • Professional expertise in delicate fabrics (Suede, Leather, silk)
  • The love of perfectly executed work
  • Clear and well-informed creative suggestions
  • A strong sense of dress style and fashion trends
  • Careful attention to detail and respect for deadlines.

Boutique Tailleur Mark109 in Boucherville, your satisfaction in every fashion.

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